Meet the Artist

Welcome to my online store!

My name is Elodie aka MissLouve and I'm a french Canadian from Montreal. I'm a professional 3D animator in the video games industry but I love spending my spare time on my passion for art and illustration. I have always juggled with the idea of turning my artwork into physical merchandise and I am finally able to do so!

I designed every products in this store. You'll be able so see some of my influences by my other passions: cinema, video games, animation, tattoos and wildlife. You'll find on my website original designs and fan art.

I consider myself a really polyvalent artist in term of style, as I like to try all kinds of stuff. I hope you will have a great time and maybe find something that pleases your tastes! For now, I only sell art prints.

Thank you so much for your support- either by buying, giving reviews or simply by giving me a shoutout online.



You can find me on Instagram :    @miss.louve

                              on Twitter : @elo_MissLouve

                           on Facebook : @elo.misslouve

                           on TikTok : @miss.louve.draws